Does the Happy Dance

I’m sitting here sick at home and in the blues and an email arrived. I was so excited I had to share/blog/facebook it:

I finally- FINALLY!- got my score for TPA 4. I’ve officially passed with a score of a 4 and it is now rockin’ my day. Do the happy dance with me!



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Quick Question

I don’t know if anyone is checking this… but if you are and you are taking research methods this coming semester, do we really have class this coming Saturday the 8th?

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Free Time?!?

I have learned that free time is not a mythical creature from a fairy tale… it really does exist!! 🙂 In the five days since I said bye to my students I have read TWO books…wait for it…. for FUN!!!! I forgot what it was like to read for pleasure. Tomorrow I will crack open the third one.

I also had time to watch Inception. I hadn’t seen it yet because everyone said, “It’s a good movie but you have to think.” I hadn’t had a chance before tonight to want to think but I finally saw it and I think I am the last person on the planet to do so but if by chance you haven’t I recommend it. It’s a good movie but you have to think 😉

I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas with your families and for those who haven’t finished the last one yet, I hope Santa brings you 3’s or 4’s.


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Hi Guys!! Welcome to our blog. What does one do when they can’t sleep because they are thinking about all they have to do tomorrow? They make a blog for their credential group to stay in touch because they miss Moodle. Ha!

I am really looking forward to us all posting about whats going on, new jobs and the like.

Happy last week of school before break!!


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